Body Guitar Stands

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    Tiger Folding Guitar Stand

    Item Code:GST7-BK
     The Tiger Folding A-Frame Guitar Stand is one of the best value multi-purpose folding guitar stands available. Not only is it ideal for electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitars, but it is...

    Tiger Heavy Duty, Compact A-Frame Guitar Stand

    Item Code:GST29-BK
     This Heavy Duty, Compact A-Frame Guitar Stand is perfect for the storage and display of your guitar. The angle of the legs and arms are at the optimum angles for incredible stability.The stand is...

    Item Code:GST19-BK

    Item Code:SG-A108BK

    Item Code:GS200B

    Item Code:GSQ4

    Price: £ 13.27 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-ST

    Item Code:KM-17590

    Item Code:GS402B

    Item Code:KM-17591

    Item Code:GS301B

    Item Code:GS401B

    Price: £ 30.83 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-PK5

    Price: £ 19.45 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-SPC