Stentor Violins have built a solid reputation over a number of years for being the most popular student violin with school and music teachers, due to both build and sound quality. DJM Music offer a range of Stentor Violins for sale, to suit players of all abilities in a choice of sizes from 1/64 all the way through to full sized 4/4 instruments. For complete novices, the Stentor Student 1 and Student 2 ranges are the ideal entry level instrument. Both very similar instruments made from solid, hand carved tonewoods but for a little extra the Student 2 comes with ebony pegs and fingerboard which help to produce a better overall sound. To ensure that your Stentor Student Violin is ready play straight away, each one is adjusted and checked before delivery. For more advanced Students, the Conservatoire range features better quality strings, a higher quality wood bow and professional case whilst the Elysia Violin is a superb quality instrument, crafted with highly figured tonewoods and beautifully finished in shellac varnish.

Stentor Standard Violin Outfit
Stentor Standard Violin Outfit
£99.95 inc VAT
Stentor Student II Violin Outfit
Stentor Student II Violin Outfit
£151.99 inc VAT
Stentor Conservatoire Violin Outfits
£253.99 inc VAT
Stentor Student I Violin Outfit
Stentor Student I Violin Outfit
£109.99 inc VAT
Harlequin Coloured Violin Outfits
Harlequin Coloured Violin Outfits
£114.95 inc VAT
Stentor Conservatoire II Violin Outfit
£337.99 inc VAT
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