Tiger 12 Celluloid Guitar Picks & Pick Tin - Variety of Gauges
Tiger 12 Celluloid Guitar Picks & Pick Tin - Variety of Gauges

Item Code: GAC14

 The Tiger Pack of 12 Medium Guitar Picks & Pick Tin is a highly convenient accessory for aiding guitarists in solving the common issue of losing plectrums.

Losing your plectrums will no longer be an issue thanks to the fantastic Tiger tin which is ideal for storing your picks securely in one location. The tin is easy to use. Simply push the lid down in the centre to open it. To close the tin, just pinch the sides of the lid.

Due to its compact size, you can easily store the Tiger Pick Tin in your gig bag so you don’t have to worry about running out of plectrums mid-performance.

In addition to this incredible storage solution, 12 quality celluloid guitar plectrums are included inside the tin!

Plectrums come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit guitarists specialising in styles from rock to metal and even classical.

Unlike your standard guitar picks, these plectrums are made from quality celluloid which makes these Tiger picks durable and flexible – which means snapping is less likely and you have picks that will last!

Pick Gauges Include (4 of each):

- 0.46mm
- 0.71mm
- 0.81mm


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