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    World Rhythm Slimline Festival Shaker

    Item Code:MMA024
     The World Rhythm Robust, lightweight, colourful quality sounding shakers are perfect for the educational sector. Designed to go with the PVC World Rhythm Djembe range, these colourful shakers are...

    Stagg Plastic Egg Shakers

    Item Code:EGG-2
     Pair of Plastic Egg Shaped Shakers come in different colours and weights for different tones. Colours: Magenta (50g - 1 3/4 oz) Yellow (45g - 1 5/8 oz) Orange (40g - 1 3/8 oz) Green (35g - 1...

    Item Code:SHA29-RD

    Item Code:EGG-50-WHM

    Item Code:SHA7-CL

    Item Code:ES

    Item Code:SHA28-NT

    Item Code:SHA14-NT

    Item Code:SH4BK

    Price: £ 7.20 inc VAT
    Item Code:SHA7-16PK

    Item Code:EGG-BOX1

    Item Code:SH8

    Item Code:LP359

    Item Code:SK240