Drum Silencer Pads

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    Tiger Drum Silencer Pads for 3-Piece Junior Drum Kits - For Snare, Tom & Bass Drum and Cymbal

    Item Code:TDA3-BK
     These drum silencer pads by Tiger are the perfect way to quieten your 3 piece junior drum kit. A common issue with playing the drums is the loudness of them and these pads are the ideal solution...

    Tiger Drum Silencers Pads for Rock Drum Kits - For Snare Drum, Tom Drums and Cymbals

    Item Code:TDA36-BK
     The Tiger Silencer Pads are the ideal way to keep your neighbours from complaining about the noise of your drums. Including pads for the snare and tom drum as well as cymbals, these silencer pads...

    Item Code:TDA35-BK

    Item Code:TDA14-BK

    Item Code:SCP4

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    Item Code:SJDP7

    Item Code:SO-MUTE

    Price: £ 72.44 inc VAT
    Item Code:TDA-PK