Musical Gifts

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    Tiger Music Stand Light with 4x Quality LED

    Item Code:MSL35-BK
       These music stand lights are equipped with two bright, strong LED lights per head for excellent brightness. Often used within orchestras particularly nearing Christmas time these lights provide...

    Mechanical Metronomes - Classic Pyramid Style for Piano

    Item Code:MET7
     Manufactured to the highest standards, the Tiger classic mechanical metronome is an excellent choice for musicians of all areas, experience and ability level. Superbly designed to enclose the...

    Item Code:BON7-NT

    Item Code:GAC-PICK4

    Item Code:KEY-BO

    Item Code:ER-20

    Item Code:GAC-PICK3

    Item Code:MDI001

    Item Code:KEY-WD

    Item Code:PEN-10

    Item Code:GAC-PICK1

    Item Code:CUFF-PI

    Item Code:BOT-SL

    Item Code:KEY-MT

    Item Code:EBAY-009270

    Item Code:CDF-021217

    Item Code:CDF-021218

    Item Code:CDF-021197

    Item Code:CDF-021311

    Item Code:CDF-021310

    Price: £ 5.50 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-PERS-PICK2

    Price: £ 4.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:KEY-PERS-BO

    Price: £ 5.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-PERS-PICK1

    Item Code:GAC-PICK2

    Price: £ 2.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-PERS-PICK4

    Price: £ 5.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-PERS-PICK3

    Item Code:CDF-021198

    Item Code:CDF-021220

    Item Code:CDF-021315

    Item Code:CDF-021193

    Item Code:CDF-021216

    Item Code:CDF-021219

    Item Code:CDF-021316

    Item Code:CDF-021318

    Item Code:CDF-021224