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    Tiger Swan Harmonica 10 Hole in Key C - NEW 2016 Model

    Item Code:HAR7-C
     This great quality 'C' Harmonica is the ultimate starter mouth organ and by far the most popular type of harmonica on the market today - fun, compact, robust and suitable for beginners or...

    Stagg Blues Harmonica in C Major

    Item Code:BJH-B20C
     This Stagg Blues harmonica is set to C major and is perfect for new players. It has 10 diatonic holes giving 20 tones and a 0.9mm copper reed plate.Features/Specification: Blues harmonica...

    Item Code:BJH-T48

    Item Code:BJH-B20A

    Item Code:BJH-B20D

    Item Code:BJH-B20E

    Item Code:BJH-B20G

    Item Code:LO-1910

    Item Code:M1896

    Item Code:BJH-C48