Ukulele Accessories

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    Dunlop Ukulele Pick Acoustic Felt Pick

    Item Code:HE415
     Jim Dunlop Ukulele Pick. An ideal acoustic felt pick. Felt picks work well for strumming on your Ukulele

    Tiger Ukulele Trigger Capo - Genuine Ukulele Capo

    Item Code:GACAPO5
    This high-grade spring force Ukulele capo by Tiger is one of the newest additions to our catalogue. This sturdy, durable and hardwearing alloy ukulele capo is strong, well engineered for...

    Item Code:UAC42

    Item Code:STP32-BK

    Item Code:WCP-55

    Item Code:STP80-BK

    Item Code:SNCL001-BK

    Item Code:7828

    Price: £ 8.14 inc VAT
    Item Code:UAC42-6

    Price: £ 9.00 inc VAT
    Item Code:UAC-PK

    Item Code:SHL9

    Item Code:2047