Drum Practice Pads

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    Tiger Drum Practice Pad 6\

    Item Code:TDA4-06
    This handy 6" drum practice pad is a great little warm-up tool for drummers and percussionists before a gig or rehearsal which helps you find your rhythm, get the blood flowing in your hands, and...

    Item Code:TD-06-2
     Desktop Practice pad suitable for all ages. Designed to offer an almost silent option to your practicing needs. Light enough to fit into a school bag, work bag etc, this will be a perfect gift...

    Item Code:TDA4-08

    Price: £ 16.82 inc VAT
    Item Code:TDA4-PACK

    Item Code:RFS

    Item Code:ARF7GM

    Item Code:ST-1000-10

    Item Code:RT-0008-SN

    Item Code:DP-12BH

    Item Code:DP-8BH