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    Tiger Beginner Soprano Ukulele with FREE Uke Bag

    Item Code:UKE7
     Fast becoming one of the most popular beginners musical instruments, the ukulele is easy to learn and with its size is ideal for children as well as adults making it the perfect choice for those...

    Mahalo Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele

    Item Code:2511
     The Mahalo 2011 has now been totally re-designed and upgraded into this dazzling range – The Mahalo Rainbow Series.Regardless of your personality, the amazing colours of the Mahalo Rainbow Series...

    Item Code:UKE10-UK

    Item Code:2500

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    Item Code:2018

    Item Code:US-NIGHT

    Price: £ 28.08 inc VAT
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    Item Code:US10-TATTOO

    Item Code:VUS50

    Item Code:SU8-UK

    Price: £ 30.03 inc VAT
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    Price: £ 28.08 inc VAT
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