Junior Drum Kits (Age 3-10)

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    3 Piece Junior Drum Kit by Tiger - Stool & Sticks Included - Ideal Childrens Drum Set

    Item Code:JDS7
     Designed for children aged between 3 to 7 years old, the Tiger Junior Drum Kit is the ideal set for any budding young drummer. Unlike other 3-piece children's drum sets, this kit is designed and...

    Tiger Junior Drum Kits - 5 Piece

    Item Code:JDS14
     The Tiger 5 piece Junior Drum Kit is designed specially for children wanting to learn the drums. With its use of heavy duty chrome hardware, wooden drums and authentic drum heads, this drum...

    Item Code:MDR7-RD

    Item Code:MDR7-BL

    Item Code:JDS7-PK

    Item Code:JDS14-PK

    Item Code:SNR6-RD

    Item Code:PP101

    Item Code:SNR6-BL

    Item Code:BGS-TIMJR-5-16-RD

    Item Code:TIMJR-5-16

    Price: £ 170.04 inc VAT
    Item Code:JDS14BK-PACK

    Price: £ 170.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:JDS14RD-PACK

    Price: £ 170.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:JDS14BL-PACK

    Price: £ 193.79 inc VAT
    Item Code:JDS14PK-PACK

    Price: £ 98.78 inc VAT
    Item Code:JDS7RD-PACK

    Item Code:TIM-JR-3-12