Guitar Effects Pedal

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    Item Code:PB01
    The new Korg Pitchblack Digital Chromatic Foot Pedal Tuner is an absolutely fantastic universal, easy-to-use tuner with a large LED display that is a must-have item for the gigging musician. ...

    Stagg Blaxx Series Metal Effects Pedal

    Item Code:BX-METAL
    Stagg Blaxx 3 Modes Metal Effects PedalMetal effect pedal for electric guitarFeaturing strong, die-cast metal housings and true bypass, this Blaxx guitar effects pedal is small in size but titanic...

    Item Code:BX-DRIVE-A

    Item Code:PSU-9V1AR-UK

    Item Code:BX-PHASER

    Item Code:PSU-9V1A7R-UK