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    Tiger Adjustable Keyboard Bench -  X Frame Folding Padded Stool

    Item Code:PST7-BK
     The Tiger keyboard bench is a fantastic, affordable choice for both keyboard players and pianists who require a high-grade, comfortable and durable stool for use in the home, on stage or in the...

    Tiger Deluxe Keyboard Stand and Stool Pack

    Item Code:KAP-PK2
     Tiger's Deluxe Keyboard Stand and Stool Pack is the ideal setup for a keyboardist. With two deluxe models of stand and stool alike, Tiger brings you an essential keyboard pack to help you play...

    Item Code:PST56

    Item Code:PST14-RW

    Item Code:PST14-MH

    Item Code:PST14-CR

    Item Code:EBAY-020662

    Item Code:PST14-BK

    Price: £ 43.67 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK2A

    Price: £ 24.70 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-001PS

    Price: £ 41.78 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK

    Item Code:PB55-BKM-VBK-UK

    Price: £ 55.56 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-003PS

    Item Code:PBF39-BKP-VBK

    Item Code:PBF39-RWM-VBK

    Item Code:PB85-BKP-SBK-UK

    Item Code:KEB-A10

    Item Code:KEB-A60

    Item Code:KEB-A30

    Item Code:KEB-A20

    Item Code:KEB-A30-SL

    Item Code:PBF39-BKM-VBK

    Price: £ 46.04 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK2-STRAPS

    Item Code:PBF20-MET-BKSBK

    Price: £ 51.74 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK2-SUS