Beginner Bass Guitars

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    Item Code:E4
     The ideal entry to bass playing, with rock solid bass performance, precise tone and superb playing dynamics. Couple to an 'easy-to-get-on-with' feel and first-class instrument balance for a...

    Item Code:PB-01
    The Rockburn Bass Guitar is an absolutely perfect choice for beginners & intermediate players requiring an affordable, yet reliable & impressive Bass that looks, plays, & sounds great! ...

    Item Code:EBP-E4

    Item Code:EBP-E20

    Item Code:PB-PK

    Item Code:PB-PK-2

    Item Code:BC300-3-4

    Item Code:BC300FL

    Item Code:PB-LH

    Item Code:E20

    Item Code:P250

    Item Code:BC300-LH