Guitar Footstools

: These fantastic Guitar Footstools are a great accessory for any guitarist. Each Guitar Footstool has been designed to help you achieve the ideal position when playing the guitar. The guitar footrests in this range are also available in a variety of colours including black, blue and red so you can find the one to suit your style. Improve your playing posture straight away with a Guitar foot rest from our online selection.
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    Item Code:GST35-BL
    Tiger Guitar Footstool. This superb Foot Stool is designed to provide the correct posture when playing guitar. It can be easily adjusted to a selection of different heights and is suitable for any...

    Stagg Black Guitar Footstool

    Item Code:FOS-A1BK
     Stagg's Metal Guitar Foot Stool is a great accessory to the guitar player who needs something to help keep the guitar nice and close this can be a really useful tool to help improve your...

    Item Code:FS230

    Item Code:KM-14670N

    Item Code:KM-14670BU

    Item Code:KM-14670B

    Item Code:GST35-RD

    Item Code:GST35-BK

    Item Code:FOS-B1 BK

    Item Code:FS100B