Guitar Capos

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    Tiger Universal Trigger Guitar Capo - Chrome

    Item Code:GACAPO2
     This guitar capo is sturdy and durable, yet lightweight. It is perfect for beginners and accomplished players alike. Capos allow experimentation of playing in different keys at ease. The capo is...

    Tiger Capo for Guitar - A Quality Trigger Capo

    Item Code:GACAPO8
       Coming in a unique and stylish wooden finish these superior guitar capos by Tiger are ergonomically designed for quick, easy and comfortable application. Its elegantly rounded corners make for...

    Item Code:GACAPO7

    Item Code:GACAPO8-BK

    Item Code:GACAPO8-CM

    Item Code:SC-N

    Item Code:PW-CP-04

    Item Code:GACAPO3

    Item Code:83CN

    Item Code:SHL1

    Item Code:SCPX-CU-CR

    Price: £ 14.41 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-PK

    Price: £ 8.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-PK3

    Price: £ 4.51 inc VAT
    Item Code:CL-GACAPO7-DW

    Price: £ 5.02 inc VAT
    Item Code:CL-GACAPO8-BK

    Item Code:83CB

    Item Code:SC-B

    Price: £ 4.26 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-001GA

    Price: £ 4.26 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-002GA

    Item Code:SC-K

    Price: £ 4.26 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-005GA

    Price: £ 4.26 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-006GA

    Price: £ 13.50 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-SPC

    Item Code:PW-CP-09