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    Miller Browne Flute Bb 1 Key Plain Head

    Item Code:4352HP
     The specifications of Miller Browne instruments are based on many years experience in supplying service units and marching bands in all parts of the world. The flutes are manufactured from a new...

    Item Code:OFL100
     The Odyssey™ Debut Series Flute offers exceptional value for money and comes fitted with many professional features including a nickel plated 16 hole body and headjoint, undercut rolled tone...

    Item Code:4354HP

    Item Code:NSF

    Item Code:LOT-LO-PL

    Item Code:4351HP

    Item Code:5365HP

    Item Code:4355HP

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    Item Code:5366HP

    Item Code:OFL600S

    Item Code:OFL300S

    Item Code:OFL100C

    Item Code:OFL300C