Drum Head Packs

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    Tiger Fusion Drum Heads Pack

    Item Code:TDHPACK-FA
     A perfect full replacement set of drum skins for students with Fusion size drums. The Tiger Fusion Drum Head Pack consists of resonant, responsive and impressive quality single-ply heads, ideal...

    Tiger Rock Drum Heads Pack

    Item Code:TDHPACK-RK
     Most beginner drum kits these days come with standard 'Rock' size drums, and over time your original drum skins shall give in to the constant whack of your drum sticks. Replacing the full set of...

    Item Code:DHP-PIN

    Item Code:ETP-HYDGL

    Item Code:DHP-EMP-CTD

    Item Code:DHP-AMB-CTD

    Item Code:DHP-EMP-CLR

    Item Code:ETP-EC2SCLR

    Item Code:ETP-EC2SCTD