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    pBone Plastic Trombones

    Item Code:PBONE
     The Jiggs pBone is a truly authentic musical instrument that has already started to revolutionize the way we think about trombones and brass instruments.It’s a fully functioning, medium bore Bb...

    pBone Mini Plastic Trombones

    Item Code:PBONE2
      Introducing the pBone Mini pBone mini is a fully functioning, plastic, alto trombone pitched in Eb. This mini trombone is incredibly light and durable and its special mouthpiece makes it easy...

    Item Code:PBUZZ1R

    Item Code:TB450M

    Item Code:JSL-432L-FQ

    Item Code:OTB1500

    Item Code:TB550M

    Item Code:OTB1800

    Item Code:WS-TB255S

    Item Code:BPBZ