Keyboard Stands

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    Tiger Fully Adjustable Single Braced Folding X Frame Keyboard Stand

    Item Code:KYS77-BK
     The Tiger collapsible keyboard stand is an affordable, lightweight, yet extremely durable single-braced stand that is perfect for schools, colleges and home practice. Manufactured from high-grade...

    Tiger Double Braced X Frame Keyboard Stand

    Item Code:KYS14-BK
     The Tiger Double X-Frame Keyboard Stand is the perfect companion for both standing and seated pianists and keyboard performers. Made from high quality materials of REACH standard, this keyboard...

    Item Code:KYS21-BK

    Item Code:KAP-PK2

    Item Code:KYS18-BK

    Item Code:KYS72-BK

    Item Code:KYS16-BK

    Item Code:KYS63-BK

    Item Code:KYS35-BK

    Item Code:KYS56-BK

    Item Code:KYS7-BK

    Item Code:KXS-A6

    Item Code:HA300

    Price: £ 32.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK2A

    Price: £ 20.80 inc VAT
    Item Code:KYS14-TG

    Price: £ 23.72 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-003KB

    Price: £ 35.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK

    Price: £ 25.49 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-002KB

    Price: £ 32.39 inc VAT
    Item Code:KYS16-BKA

    Price: £ 27.95 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-004KB

    Price: £ 18.98 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-001KB

    Item Code:KXS-A35-BK

    Price: £ 34.63 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK2-STRAPS

    Item Code:MXS-A1

    Item Code:KS400B

    Item Code:KS410B