Synthetic Guitar Straps

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    Item Code:STP4
     These straps are fitted with 3 plectrum holders which can store your guitar picks so you don’t have to worry about misplacing them during a performance. Manufactured with thick, strong nylon,...

    Item Code:STP2
    The Tiger Nylon Guitar Straps are ideal for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. The straps are constructed from thick, strong nylon with pre-drilled holes allowing you to fit the strap onto your...

    Item Code:STP6

    Item Code:STP-BK

    Item Code:BJA006

    Item Code:D38-09BK

    Item Code:STP8-BK

    Item Code:GT301-BLACK

    Item Code:SNCL001-BK

    Item Code:PWS

    Item Code:LEVY-MP

    Item Code:MPS2-032

    Item Code:MC8-CAMO

    Item Code:BJA018

    Price: £ 9.90 inc VAT
    Item Code:STP4BK-CP

    Item Code:PWSPL

    Item Code:50A

    Price: £ 7.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:STP2BK-TUNER

    Item Code:LUCKY13

    Item Code:50C

    Item Code:50PL-D

    Price: £ 5.66 inc VAT
    Item Code:STP4BL-PICK

    Item Code:M8POLY

    Price: £ 5.66 inc VAT
    Item Code:STP4PU-PICK

    Price: £ 5.66 inc VAT
    Item Code:STP4PK-PICK

    Item Code:50CL000