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Crybaby From Hell DB01 Jim Dunlop Dimebag Signature Crybaby Wah. Dimebag Darrell, famously fearsome fungus-faced fretmelter with US speed metallers Pantera, gets honoured with his own signature crybaby pedal from Jim Dunlop - the Dimebag Darrell Signature Crybaby® From Hell. With its eye-catching camouflage finish and unique 'CFH' emblem on the footplate (after Dime's 'Cowboys From Hell' tattoo on his shoulder, this pedal is as recognisable as..well, Dimebag himself. And he's pretty excited about it, as you might expect. "It's what I'd call a hot-rodded wah," he reckons, "It's pretty tricked out, with an extended sweep so you can go more high-endy sounding (pedal down) and deeper (pedal up) too. There's a 5-way selector on the side so you can pick what frequency you're gonna play within. There's a kick-in boost, and the LED status indicators are at the back instead of the front. It's got skateboard tape on it instead of rubber, so that when you've got beer on your feet, you won't slip off it." Thoughtful, eh?Retailing at just over £200, there are dual out jacks (with a second output jack function), and adjustable everything, including volume boost, 'Q' modulation frequency,and fine tune ability over toe-down sweep range, it's a happening all-purpose wah for sure. "I'm real proud of the CFH," Dimebag states. "It sounds bad-assed and it looks bad-assed - it's ready for war!"

The Dime Crybaby Wah, which offers the same essential sound and hardcore look as the popular Crybaby From Hell. And while we're on the subject of Fasel inductors, the new Dime Crybaby Wah has been hotwired with a Fasel inductor, the key to the 'holy grail' tone of those earliest 60's Italian Crybaby pedals. As the least expensive way to cop Dimebag Darrell's signature tones, the Dime Crybaby delivers brilliant, sweet highs that are never shrill from its smooth, spring loaded pedal sweep. All wrapped up in a tough, die-cast metal casing that could stand a hit from an anti-tank shell. Best of all, your investment is virtually invisible to aerial surveillance thanks to its superb hardcore camouflage paint job!

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