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    Tiger Egg Shakers - Wooden Pair

    Item Code:SHA28-NT
     This great pair of egg shakers are ideal for both studio and stage use, producing a brilliant versatile and well rounded tone, and comfortably nestle in the palm of adult hands - They don't look...

    Tiger Egg Shakers - Plastic Pair

    Item Code:SHA7-CL
     These great sounding egg shakers really punch through the mix making them a great accompanying percussion instrument. One of the most popular hand percussion instruments the egg shaker is small...

    Item Code:SHA-6-CL

    Item Code:SHA7-YE

    Item Code:EGG-2

    Item Code:WR-EGG-WD

    Item Code:EGG-50-WHM

    Price: £ 8.09 inc VAT
    Item Code:CLA-SHA-SET

    Price: £ 14.88 inc VAT
    Item Code:SHA7-16PK

    Price: £ 6.49 inc VAT
    Item Code:RL-SHA28

    Price: £ 14.88 inc VAT
    Item Code:SHA7YE-8

    Price: £ 8.88 inc VAT
    Item Code:SHA7CL-4

    Price: £ 14.88 inc VAT
    Item Code:SHA7CL-8

    Price: £ 8.88 inc VAT
    Item Code:SHA7YE-4