School Percussion Pack and Sets

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    10 Player Classroom Percussion Pack with Carry Bag

    Item Code:CPP10-PK
     This 8 player classroom percussion pack has been designed to fully equip schools and young children with a wide variety of instruments to complete their percussive outfit. Carefully selected,...

    World Rhythm Percussion Set - Classroom Percussion Kit

    Item Code:PET7
     The World Rhythm Percussion Set is a fun-filled 17 player classroom package filled with a range of popular percussion instruments. Popular in schools and workshops, this percussion set is ideal...

    Item Code:CPK-04

    Item Code:CPK-02

    Item Code:CPK-01

    Item Code:KS2

    Item Code:CPJ-05

    Item Code:KS1

    Price: £ 29.95 inc VAT
    Item Code:SHA7-16PK

    Price: £ 23.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:CPP10-PK-AZK

    Price: £ 624.96 inc VAT
    Item Code:MPK001

    Item Code:PP620

    Price: £ 1,249.49 inc VAT
    Item Code:MPK002