Folding Music Stands

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    Tiger Folding Music Stand

    Item Code:MUS56
     If you’re a musician on the move then the Tiger Folding Sheet Music Stand is an absolute must-have for your gigs, rehearsals or performances. Extremely lightweight and fully collapsible, this...

    Tiger Lightweight 0.75kg Music Stand & Carry Bag – Portable Stand

    Item Code:MUS77-BK
     This Lightweight Aluminium Orchestral Music Stand is perfect for all performers. The stand weighs an incrediblely light 0.75kg. Lightweight aluminium makes the stand lighter than a conventional...

    Item Code:MUS49

    Item Code:MUS56-CL

    Item Code:MUS56-PK

    Item Code:MUSQ2

    Item Code:OPS55-MAIN

    Price: £ 8.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:RL-MUS49-BK

    Item Code:82Q1

    Price: £ 27.89 inc VAT
    Item Code:MUS7735-MSL

    Item Code:7064

    Price: £ 29.89 inc VAT
    Item Code:MUS7764-MSL

    Price: £ 20.29 inc VAT
    Item Code:MUS77-NB

    Price: £ 12.49 inc VAT
    Item Code:MUS49-BL

    Price: £ 12.49 inc VAT
    Item Code:MUS49-PK

    Price: £ 15.89 inc VAT
    Item Code:MUS-2

    Price: £ 12.49 inc VAT
    Item Code:MUS49-RD

    Price: £ 18.89 inc VAT
    Item Code:MUS-MSL

    Price: £ 35.50 inc VAT
    Item Code:MUS7756-MSL

    Price: £ 8.89 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-MUS-49

    Price: £ 11.69 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-MUS-56

    Price: £ 20.29 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-MS-77