Guitar Amplifier Stands

We have a fantastic selection of guitar amplifier stands which are absolutely perfect for a gigging musician as they are foldable, making them portable, simple to store away and easy to transport! Our amp stands are all made with a sturdy steel construction, making them incredibly tough and durable. You can even use them in the studio or simply for home use, the choice is yours!

One of our most popular amplifier stands is the Tiger Folding Guitar Amp Stand. Being the ideal and affordable solution for the gigging musician, this stand is ideal for mounting your amplifier at the right angle for you.

Browse our popular range below!

Tiger Guitar Amp Stand - Folding Amplifier Stand
Tiger Standard Adjustable Folding Guitar Amplifier, Monitor Stand
Stagg Foldable Amp/Monitor Floor Stand
Stagg Foldable Amp/Monitor Floor Stand
Stagg Short Amp / Monitor Stand
Stagg Short Amp / Monitor Stand

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