Here at DJM Music, we are delighted to offer a wonderful and colourful range of plastic ocarinas! Made famous by ‘The Legend of Zelda’ video game, this mellow, flute-like instrument is incredibly popular amongst children, adults and advanced players alike! Our ocarinas are also especially popular amongst schools due to its easy playability and our excellent prices.

Catering to your needs, we have a range of different ocarinas for both your playing standards and budget, and our instruments are manufactured by the most trustworthy brands such as Tiger, meaning that you are guaranteed a great quality woodwind instrument.

Looking for an easy, yet great quality ocarina to play? Then look no further than our Tiger 6 Hole Ocarina, available in 2 different colours.

Tiger Beginners Ocarina - 6 Hole
Tiger Beginners Ocarina - 6 Hole
£4.99 inc VAT
Mad About Beginners Ocarina - 6 Hole (Blue)
Mad About Beginners Ocarina - 6 Hole (Blue)
£5.09 inc VAT
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