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    Tiger Guitar Cable - 3m Guitar Lead Standard Jack

    Item Code:GAC42
     This angled 1/4 inch jack guitar cable by Tiger is a great choice for the beginning guitarist as it plugs directly into an amplifier, mixer or PA system and with the angle jack means it hugs to...

    1/4 inch Jack to Jack Cable

    Item Code:GTC4
     Performing as well as you, Tiger’s Jack to Jack cables ensure crystal clear sound quality and no humming. Comfortably fitting into amps and guitars, this cable provides for performance and...

    Item Code:XGC-SW

    Item Code:NGC

    Item Code:GTC2

    Item Code:MCA86-BK

    Item Code:SGCDL

    Item Code:SGC

    Item Code:SGCVT

    Item Code:NGC-VTR

    Item Code:TGG-GC01-03

    Item Code:SGCPL-DL

    Item Code:NGC-R

    Item Code:PW-CGT

    Item Code:NGC-PL

    Item Code:PW-GCS

    Item Code:PW-CGTP

    Item Code:SGCPL

    Item Code:PW-AMSG

    Item Code:SGCC-DL

    Item Code:PW-CGTRA

    Price: £ 8.89 inc VAT
    Item Code:ITC4-06

    Price: £ 14.88 inc VAT
    Item Code:GTC4-2-06

    Price: £ 10.09 inc VAT
    Item Code:ITC4-10

    Price: £ 7.09 inc VAT
    Item Code:ITC4-03

    Price: £ 17.28 inc VAT
    Item Code:GTC4-2-10