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    Musical Maracas (Full Size Pair)

    Item Code:MAR49
     The Tiger full size plastic maracas are sold in pairs and produce a bright sound that carries across well in simple percussion set-ups. The handle length is approximately 10cm, whilst the overall...

    Traditional Plastic Maracas in Red, Yellow or Black

    Item Code:MAR7
    At a glance:- These full-size maracas feature a range of different size beads housed within a textured plastic shell- Wooden handle manufactured with durable, high-quality wood to provide...

    Item Code:MAR28

    Item Code:MP366

    Item Code:MAR6-RD

    Item Code:MAR6-ST

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    Item Code:MAR56-NT

    Item Code:EGG-MA-S

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    Price: £ 7.79 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAR49-4