We are pleased to offer a great range of melodicas here at DJM Music! Ideal for tuition purposes, melodicas are a fantastic way to introduce children to music and the layout of a keyboard. However, the melodica is far from your typical keyboard! Being played by blowing air through a mouthpiece, this woodwind instrument is unique and produces a similar sound to the harmonica. The melodica is suitable for both adults and children alike, meaning you will find the right instrument to suit you!

We cater for all kinds of budgets and our instruments are manufactured only by the best brands, so therefore you are guaranteed a great quality item.

Take a look at our melodica selection below!

Stagg Melosta 32 Key Beginner Melodica
Stagg Melosta 32 Key Beginner Melodica
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Stagg Black Melosta 32 Key Molodica
Stagg Black Melosta 32 Key Melodica

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