Keyboard Stands

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    Tiger Keyboard Stand - Double Braced X Frame

    Item Code:KYS14-BK
     The Tiger Double X-Frame Keyboard Stand is the perfect companion for both standing and seated pianists and keyboard performers. Made from high quality materials of REACH standard, this keyboard...

    Tiger Heavy Duty Rubber Securing Straps for Keyboard Stands

    Item Code:KYS18-BK
     These straps by Tiger can be screwed into your keyboard using screw threads often seen on the underside of keyboards and then strapped onto a keyboard stand to prevent the keyboard from slipping...

    Item Code:KAP-PK2

    Item Code:KYS21-BK

    Item Code:KYS77-BK

    Item Code:KYS16-BK

    Item Code:KYS7-BK

    Item Code:KYS72-BK

    Item Code:KYS63-BK

    Item Code:KYS56-BK

    Item Code:KYS53-BK

    Item Code:HA305

    Item Code:KXS-A35-BK

    Item Code:MXS-A1

    Price: £ 18.95 inc VAT
    Item Code:KYS14-TG

    Price: £ 43.00 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK2A

    Price: £ 32.26 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-002KB

    Price: £ 45.95 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK

    Price: £ 40.88 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-004KB

    Price: £ 22.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-003KB

    Price: £ 44.95 inc VAT
    Item Code:KAP-PK2-STRAPS

    Price: £ 18.95 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-K-001KB

    Price: £ 22.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:KYS16-BKA

    Item Code:KXS-A6

    Price: £ 18.95 inc VAT
    Item Code:M-KS14-BK