Back to School Ukulele Accessories

Complete your ukulele collection with a bunch of must-have accessories from one of our best selling brands, Tiger! From felt ukulele picks to chromatic tuners... Wall hangers to spare strings, we've hand picked a selection of absolutely essential accessories that every ukulele player MUST HAVE!

Already got all the accessories and looking to upgrade your uke? Take a look at our back to school ukulele collection by clicking here.

Tiger Wooden Ukulele Stand - Detachable Stand
Tiger Wooden Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo and Violin X-Frame Stand
Tiger Soprano Ukulele Strings - Regular Tension Nylon Uke Strings
Guitar Tuner Chromatic Clip-On Tuner for Ukulele, Bass, Banjo, Violin by Tiger
Tiger Ukulele Gig Bag - 10mm Padded Soprano Case
Tiger Ukulele Wall Mount - Ukulele Wall Hanger
Tiger Ukulele Wall Mount - Ukulele Wall Hanger
Ukulele Note Sticker Sheet for Beginners
Ukulele Note Sticker - Colour Coded Fretboard Stickers
Tiger Chromatic Guitar Tuner - Easy to Use Clip-on Tuner
Tiger Ukulele Strap - Adjustable Black Uke Strap
Tiger Pack of 6 Tiger Felt Ukulele Picks - Felt Plectrums
Tiger Felt Ukulele Picks - 6 Pack Felt Plectrums
£13.18 inc VAT

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