Stringed Tuition Books

If you’re looking to learn how to play a stringed instrument, then why not take a look at our huge selection of stringed tuition books! From cellos to viola and violins, our tutorial books will make it easy for you to learn this popular family of instruments. We also sell books including CD’s and DVD’s, meaning you can listen/watch and play along at the same time!

All of our stringed tuition books are manufactured by incredible brands, meaning it will not only be simple to master your stringed instrument, but affordable too!

Browse our stringed tuition books below and choose the instrument that you would like to learn!

A New Tune A Day Pop PP Violin Book&CD
Absolute Beginners Fiddle Book & CD
Eta Cohen: Violin Method Book 1
A New Tune A Day Cello Book 1 & CD
A New Tune A Day PP Cello Book & CD
A New Tune A Day Viola 1 Book & CD
A New Tune A Day PP Viola Book & CD
A New Tune A Day Viola 1 Book, CD & DVD

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