Music Stand Accessories

We offer a diverse collection of everything a musician may need to accompany their music stand. From drinks holder attachments to music stand lights, from extra accessory shelves to floor protectors, you will find a variety of accessories to suit your needs.

One of our most popular products is the Tiger Music Stand Cup Holder Attachment. Along with a spring loaded attachment mechanism and made from a strong material, this cup holder can hold all types of drinks such as glasses, bottles and more, ensuring hydration is always close to hand when performing.

Or if you are looking for something to hold your tablet whilst performing/practicing your music at home, the Tiger Tablet Mount for Music Stands is the solution you need. Whilst being affordable, lightweight and easy to transport, this mount will ensure that your tablet is held securely.

Explore our range now!

Tiger Orchestral Heavy Duty Music Stand Bag
Tiger Orchestral Music Stand Bag - Heavy Duty Carry Case
Tiger Drinks Holder - Stand Cup Holder Attachment
Tiger Clamp on Drink Holder for Music Stand, Mic Stand, Drum Kit – Cup Holder
Tiger Folding Music Stand Carry Bag
Tiger Folding Music Stand Carry Bag
Tiger Tablet Holder - Adjustable Handle
Tiger Tablet iPad Mount for Microphone/Music Stand with Clamp
TIGER MSA30-BK Microphone/Music Stand Attachment for Lyrics & Scores with Clamp

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