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    Tiger Soprano Ukulele Strings - Regular Tension Nylon Uke Strings

    Item Code:UAC14
     A set of regular tension soprano ukulele strings, lighter and easier on the fingers these strings are ideal for beginners and students. Made from finely selected nylon and suitable for all 4...

    Stagg Ukulele String Set

    Item Code:UK-2841-NY
    Stagg Ukulele Strings This set of clear nylon strings for ukulele will be a suitable upgrade for anyone wanting to switch from standard ukulele strings. Suitable for both soprano and...

    Item Code:EJ65C

    Item Code:EJ65S

    Price: £ 7.81 inc VAT
    Item Code:UAC14-3

    Price: £ 13.02 inc VAT
    Item Code:UAC14-5

    Price: £ 10.42 inc VAT
    Item Code:UAC14-4

    Price: £ 5.30 inc VAT
    Item Code:UAC14-2