Synthetic Djembe Drums

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    World Rhythm PVC Pretuned Djembes - Rainbow

    Item Code:MDJ-RB
    At a glance:- Versatile & portable, this lightweight, synthetic shell with pretuned head are ideal for schools & festival goers, giving an authentic djembe sound- Designed to engage students and...

    World Rhythm Synthetic Orange Djembe Drum

    Item Code:MDJ-OR
     The World Rhythm Djembe Drum is a lightweight, decorative African-Style drum. Available in a range of sizes and colours, it is an excellent choice of percussion drum for educational use or adding...

    Item Code:MDJ-RD

    Item Code:MDJ-ORANGE

    Item Code:HDJ200R

    Item Code:DPY-BK

    Item Code:DPY-RD

    Price: £ 55.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:RL-MDJ002RD

    Item Code:NINO18

    Price: £ 571.46 inc VAT
    Item Code:MPK001

    Price: £ 1,137.17 inc VAT
    Item Code:MPK002