Treble Recorders (Alto)

We have a fantastic range of treble (alto) recorders here at DJM Music, which are perfect for both beginners and intermediate players. Being popular amongst all ages, our treble recorders come in various colours and styles. Some of our recorders even come complete with a bag, meaning you can travel between gigs or keep your instrument stored safely away at home without worrying about any damage being caused.

No matter your budget, we can guarantee you will find the right recorder to suit you. Our recorders are manufactured by great brands such as Tiger, so therefore despite the low prices, you are promised an excellent quality instrument!

Looking for a great priced treble recorder? Including a carry case, the Tiger Treble Recorder is fantastic quality and one of our most popular instruments.

Aulos Alto Recorder 209
Aulos Treble Recorder 709W
Aulos Alto Recorder 509B Treble

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