Desktop Mic Stands

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    Broadcasting Studio Mic Stand - Desk Suspension Arm

    Item Code:MCA69-BK
     The Tiger Broadcasting Studio Microphone Boom Arm is a versatile and extremely durable accessory, ideal for any setup from stages to radio stations. With an adjustable robust C clamp, this...

    Tiger Low Level Floor & Desktop Microphone Stand

    Item Code:MCA49-BK
     Capture the full clarity and texture of your drum kit, cajon box drum or any instrument that you desire with the Tiger Low Level Floor and Desktop Microphone Stand. Simply attach your microphone...

    Item Code:MCA56-BK

    Item Code:MCA42-BK

    Item Code:MCA72-BK

    Item Code:KM-23220

    Item Code:MS300B

    Item Code:MS120B

    Item Code:MIS-1112BK