Desktop Mic Stands

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    Tiger Table Microphone Stand - Desktop Mic Stand

    Item Code:MCA56-BK
     The Tiger Tabletop Microphone Stand features an interesting tripod design which provides maximum stability and durability. For your peace of mind, this stand is fitted with rubber non-slip feet...

    Tiger Desktop Mic Stand - Lightweight Tabletop Microphone Stand

    Item Code:MCA72-BK
     Ideal for podcasting, recording voiceovers and broadcasting, Tiger’s Desktop Microphone Stand is a compact and lightweight addition to the home studio, providing a convenient and secure way to...

    Item Code:MCA69-BK

    Item Code:MCA49-BK

    Item Code:MCA42-BK

    Item Code:MS300B

    Item Code:MS120B

    Item Code:MIS-1112BK