Body Guitar Stands

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    Tiger Folding Guitar Stand

    Item Code:GST7-BK
      At a glance:- A-Frame stand made from high-grade steel with arc-welded joints, strong and sturdy- The adjustable legs and universal padded cradle make it suitable for a variety of instruments-...

    Tiger Guitar Stool and Stand - NEW MODEL 2018

    Item Code:GST99-BK
     At a glance:- Manufactured with strong, durable steel, guitar stool and stand ideal for home, studio and live performances- Superior padded seat provides excellent comfort for the guitarist-...

    Item Code:GS200B

    Item Code:GSQ4

    Item Code:SG-A108BK

    Price: £ 25.79 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-PK5

    Price: £ 14.09 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-ST

    Price: £ 18.59 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-SPC

    Item Code:GS402B

    Item Code:GS301B

    Item Code:GS401B