Drum Silencer Pads

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    Tiger Drum Silencer Pads for 3-Piece Junior Drum Kits - For Snare, Tom & Bass Drum and Cymbal

    Item Code:TDA3-BK
     These drum silencer pads by Tiger are the perfect way to quieten your 3 piece junior drum kit. A common issue with playing the drums is the loudness of them and these pads are the ideal solution...

    Softapads Cymbal Silencer Pads

    Item Code:SCP4
    Softapads Cymbal Silencer Pads

    Item Code:TDA14-BK

    Item Code:TDA35-BK

    Item Code:SDP

    Item Code:SJDP7

    Price: £ 67.69 inc VAT
    Item Code:TDA-PK