Guitar Wall Hangers

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    Tiger Guitar Wall Mount - Secure Guitar Wall Hanger

    Item Code:GST42-BK
     A really presentable and safe way of securing your guitars when not in use, the Tiger guitar wall hangers are a space saving option for the guitarist looking for an easily accessible yet safe way...

    Tiger Wooden Guitar Wall Mount

    Item Code:GST49-BK
    At a glance:- Ideal for all types of guitar (Bass, Acoustic, Classical, Electric, Semi Acoustic)- Attractive Wooden Mount (10cm x 4.5cm)- Padded neck support and securing strap protects your...

    Item Code:GST42-3-BK

    Item Code:GST42-2-BK

    Item Code:GST42-5-BK

    Item Code:GUH-WN-REC

    Item Code:GSP38WB

    Item Code:GUH-A2

    Item Code:GUH-WN-OVA

    Item Code:GSP39WB

    Item Code:GSP40WB


    Price: £ 23.29 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC-PK2