Electric Guitar Strings

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    Alice Electric Guitar Strings Super Light - 0.009 - 0.042

    Item Code:EGS-SL
     The perfect choice for an electric guitarist who needs a basic and reliable set of strings. Nickel alloy wound strings on the low end for a warm sound throughout their use. The coated steel high...

    Ernie ball Coated Slinky

    Item Code:SLINKY-CE

    Item Code:SLINKY-E

    Item Code:SLINKY-CLB

    Item Code:EXL

    Item Code:ELIXIR-EN

    Item Code:EXL115W

    Item Code:SLINKY-SS

    Item Code:SLINKY-7S

    Item Code:EL-0942

    Item Code:NGE

    Item Code:EB-NAE12

    Item Code:DR-BLACK

    Item Code:NYE

    Item Code:EGS-L

    Item Code:D-9

    Item Code:EXL110W

    Item Code:SLINKY-RPS

    Item Code:BS

    Item Code:DR-PHRN

    Item Code:EXL110-3D

    Price: £ 11.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:GAC14-2223

    Item Code:EXL125-3D

    Item Code:EXL-8STRING

    Item Code:EXP-ELEC-GTR