Violin Cases

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    Theodore Violin Case - Lightweight shaped Hard Case

    Item Code:VLC
     The Theodore Shaped Violin Hard Case is a lightweight yet robust violin case which provides enhanced protection for violinists of all ages and is available in sizes 3/4 and 4/4. This amazing case...

    New Primavera Shaped Violin Case Black/Blue

    Item Code:VC003-BLU
     The Primavera Student CaseAs standard with the Primavera 100 (Blue), Primavera 150 (Green) and Primavera 200 (Red) Outfits. Black case with contrast colour pocket. The case features a stitched...

    Item Code:VC003-RED

    Item Code:VC13569

    Item Code:VC147

    Item Code:VC14012

    Item Code:VC055

    Item Code:VC0

    Item Code:43VL

    Item Code:VC1301

    Item Code:VC166-4-4

    Item Code:VC165-4-4

    Item Code:VC185

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    Item Code:VC170