Nylon Tip Drum Sticks

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    Tiger Maple Drumsticks with Nylon Tips

    Item Code:TDA86
     At a glance:- Made from maple making them lighter, giving you more control when playing and practicing- Ideal for lighter playing - Jazz, Pop, Fusion- Acorn nylon tip for more defined ping on...

    Tiger 5B Hickory Drumsticks with Nylon Tips

    Item Code:TDA80-5B
     At a Glance:- ENDURANCE - hickory withstands the wear and tear of daily drumming, absorbing more than twice the amount of shock as other woods.- STRENGTH - a shorter taper length strengthens the...

    Item Code:TDA80

    Item Code:PM-TXN

    Item Code:VF-NN

    Item Code:PM-PWN

    Item Code:VC-N

    Item Code:VH-N