Beginner Bass Guitars

 A great range of bass guitars suitable for beginners, offering fantastic value for money, whilst producing brilliant full sounds. These entry level bass guitars are designed to be more accommodating and comfortable to play for the novice than the standard models. Some feature contoured bodies and necks with frets which are slightly closer together to allow the player to reach all notes, avoiding that awkward stretch. The smaller 7/8 and 3/4 bass guitars are perfect for kids. We also stock some fantastic bass guitar packs which have everything you need to start, including Gig Bags, Straps, Leads, Bass Amps, Stands and much more.We are confident you will be able to find the right beginner bass guitar for you, whatever your age.

Encore E4 Bass Guitar Pack
£182.99 inc VAT
Encore E20 7/8 Kids Bass Guitar Pack
£169.00 inc VAT
Encore E4 Beginners Bass Guitars
£118.99 inc VAT
Stagg Fretless Bass Guitars
£194.99 inc VAT
Encore E20 7/8 Size Blaster Bass Guitars
£104.99 inc VAT
Stagg Left Handed Fusion Bass Guitars
£218.99 inc VAT
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