Djembe Drum Bags and Accessories

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    World Rhythm Djembe Drum Bags - Soft Case in Backpack Style

    Item Code:MDJBAG
     Available in either 9.5", 10" or 12" and different colours, the lightweight djembe bag by World Rhythm is a great backpack style bag for everyday use. Featuring a lining of padding and an...

    World Rhythm Djembe Harness - Padded Carry Straps

    Item Code:MDJ069
     The World Rhythm Djembe Drum Harness is a lightweight and durable padded carry strap. It is the ideal djembe accessory for stage performances as it makes carrying your drum ten times easier....

    Item Code:MDJWGS-009

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    Item Code:MDJPROBAG

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    Item Code:DPY-12-Head