Djembe Drum Bags and Accessories

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    World Rhythm Djembe Hats

    Item Code:MDJHAT
     The perfect way to protect the skin of your Djembe. The Djembe Hat is made from heavy duty nylon and well padded to protect the bearing edge of the rim. It is also lined with a heat reflective...

    World Rhythm Djembe Drum Bags - Soft Case in Backpack Style

    Item Code:MDJBAG
     Available in either 9.5", 10" or 12" and different colours, the lightweight djembe bag by World Rhythm is a great backpack style bag for everyday use. Featuring a lining of padding and an...

    Item Code:MDJPROBAG

    Item Code:MDJ069

    Item Code:MDJWGS-007

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    Item Code:MDJWGS-012

    Item Code:MDJWGS-009

    Item Code:MDJSHS-007

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    Item Code:MDJ084

    Item Code:DPY-12-Head