Glockenspiels & Metallophones

Glockenspiels and Metallophones from 8 to 22 Bars. Alto and soprano glockenspiels from beginners to advanced. This range of Glocks and Metallophones are ideal for anyone looking to try out the 'art' of tuned percussion. With this sort of percussion being widely used by some of the most popular music in today's industry, you will be able to play along to some of your favourite artists/bands.

The difference between a Glockenspiel/Metallophone and a Xylophone is that the xylophone's bars are made of wood, while the glockenspiel's are metal plates or tubes, thus making it a metallophone. The glockenspiel, moreover, is usually smaller and higher in pitched than a Xylophones wooden, mellow sounding plates. Both the Glockenspiel and the Xylophone are popular in their own right and you can find our range of beginner and advanced Xylophones please click here.

25 Note Glockenspiel & 2 Beaters
Tiger Glockenspiel Xylophone for Kids - 8 Multi Coloured Keys

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