Bass Guitar Strings

 Our range of Bass Guitar Strings is one of the largest selections available online in the UK. The range now features some of the best bass guitar strings from some of the biggest brands, such as Ernie Ball, Rotosound and D'Addario. All our brands also offer a huge variety of gauges and are available in 4, or 5 string sets. We also have a large cheap bass string selection, which is perfect for any beginner bassist who is looking to replace their strings and improve their sound. All the Bass strings offer great tone and an improved quality of sound. The possibilities with these bass strings are endless and we are confident that we have the ideal bass guitar string set for you.

Ernie Ball Slinky Bass Strings
£24.48 inc VAT
Rotosound Solo Bass 55 Bass Strings
£31.99 inc VAT
Elixir Nanoweb Bass Guitar Strings
Elixir Nanoweb Bass Guitar Strings
£34.94 inc VAT
Rotosound Roto Bass Guitar Strings
£14.98 inc VAT

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