Beginner Classical Guitars

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    Tiger Classical Guitar Packages with Accessories

    Item Code:CLG2
     Available in four different sizes (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4), the Tiger Classical Guitar Package is the ideal guitar for students of any age. Fitted with nylon strings, this guitar has been...

    Valencia Student Range Classical Guitars

    Item Code:310
     Valencia classical guitars are ideal student instruments, offering quality, value and tone to inspire players in their studies. Valencia has an enviable reputation for good design, reliability,...

    Item Code:WJ-36-N

    Item Code:CLG8-RD

    Item Code:C542

    Item Code:5208

    Item Code:CLG8-BL

    Item Code:CLG12-BL

    Item Code:C430-M-BLUE

    Item Code:CLG1-PACK

    Item Code:CLG4

    Item Code:CLG6

    Item Code:CLG6-PK

    Item Code:CLG4-PK

    Item Code:CLG5

    Item Code:CLG3

    Item Code:CLG5-PK

    Price: £ 64.49 inc VAT
    Item Code:AZK-CLG2-34-K

    Item Code:WJ-36-PNK

    Price: £ 36.19 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-CLG-1-34

    Price: £ 48.95 inc VAT
    Item Code:AZK-CLG4-BL-K

    Price: £ 56.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:AZK-CLG2-12-K

    Price: £ 32.29 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-CLG-1-12

    Price: £ 54.98 inc VAT
    Item Code:AZK-CLG4-RD-K

    Price: £ 33.95 inc VAT
    Item Code:RL-CLG1-12

    Price: £ 66.49 inc VAT
    Item Code:AZK-CLG2-44-K

    Price: £ 74.09 inc VAT
    Item Code:5208B-BAG

    Price: £ 48.95 inc VAT
    Item Code:AZK-CLG4-PK

    Price: £ 36.19 inc VAT
    Item Code:CLG1-34-NB

    Price: £ 36.29 inc VAT
    Item Code:MAD-CLG-1-14

    Price: £ 49.99 inc VAT
    Item Code:CLG1-12-GA-PK

    Price: £ 36.29 inc VAT
    Item Code:CLG1-14-NB