Djembe Drums

African percussion is as exciting and varied as the continent itself, and the djembe drum is a pivotal instrument in Africa's music scene. Here you will find djembe's of all sizes, patterns and designs by brands such as World Rhythm, Remo, Toca, Kambala and Stagg amongst others, along with accessories such as bags and stands. Djembe drumming packs are also available.

Student Wooden Djembe Drums by World Rhythm Percussion – African Drum in Black
World Rhythm Djembe Drums - Wooden African Drum Design
£34.49 inc VAT
World Rhythm Synthetic Orange Djembe Drum
Synthetic Djembe Drum by World Rhythm Percussion, Plastic African Drum in Orange
£46.00 inc VAT
World Rhythm Djembe Drums in Red
World Rhythm Djembe Drums in Red
£46.00 inc VAT
World Rhythm Jammer Swirl Black Djembe Drums
World Rhythm African Djembe Drum - Swirl Black
£57.49 inc VAT
World Rhythm PVC Pretuned Djembes - Rainbow
World Rhythm PVC Pretuned Djembes - Rainbow
£28.99 inc VAT
World Rhythm Djembe Harness - Padded Carry Straps
World Rhythm Djembe Drum Harness - Padded Carry Straps

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